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Our Story

Our mission is to design and create tools that make it easy to get the most enjoyment and nutrition possible from the groceries our customers buy and reduce the amount of food that gets wasted in the home.  

Our inspiration is delicious and nutritious foods and the fresh ingredients that go into them.  

Michelle and Adrienne first met 15 years ago working together on fun and fashionable products for the home. Michelle's talents as an Industrial Designer and Adrienne's marketing and strategy skills were a great mix for many collaborations.  Each project polished their teamwork and built their friendship.

Food Huggers launched on Kickstarter in 2013 and raised an incredible $184,000 from 5,000+ supporters who shared their goal of reducing the amount of fruits and veggies that spoil before they can be eaten and enjoyed.  

Following this success, Adrienne & Michelle began working on their next "hugging tool" which allows customers to quickly turn the bowls they already own into airtight food storage with Bowl Huggers.  Bowl Huggers are available now on preorder and will ship to customers in early fall 2015. 

Huge Hugs!! 

Michelle & Adrienne 

a.k.a. Food Huggers